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We are proud to announce that after a period of being unable to produce buggy parts, we are now recommencing production! These parts will be launched around December and will be available for purchase directly from us or from our eBay store. Keep your eyes peeled!

New Colours for Buggy Parts

We have recently added Bright Orange & Bright Purple colour options for our range of RC Buggy parts which are available to buy on Ebay. Please look at our Products - RC Buggy Parts page to view our range.

Front Lower Mounts Now In!

Our new batch of Front Lower Suspension Arm Mounts are now in, as promised and look as beautiful as ever! The bright gold really sets them off and the hard anodise on these parts ensures a long working life with good wear resistance on the rubbing faces.

This and more are available on our eBay shop, feel free to take a look via the button below and browse through our range of buggy parts.

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In-House Drawing Facilities Now Available

Previously we've required technical drawings or worked with sketches from our clients to produce parts - which can be complicated and sometimes details are missed. As such, we've invested in training and programs so that by receiving a sketch from yourselves or even just a description and measurements, we can produce a technical drawing to professional specification for you!

If this is something you need from us, feel free to contact us via the details on our Contact Us page or via the details in the footer below.